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A core specialty is the preparation of tax returns for individual taxpayers. 

The firms offers strong experience in this field, as  literally 1000's of Federal and State returns have been succesfully prepared and filed by this office over the past 35 years.

Some of the many detailed services provided in this area are:

  • In depth interview the client regarding 2015 tax matters via meeting/telephone/email
  • Review of client's 2015  tax documents and issues raised at the interview
  • Discussion of tax deduction items available to the client to maximize deductions for client
  • Provide client with a draft of completed returns for review prior to filing taxes
  • Processing and E-filing of the tax returns 
  • Unfiled prior year tax returns
  • Representation of client due to IRS or MDOR audit
  • Tax installment payment plans



We utilize a standard pricing system which is based upon the most recently published Tax Return Fees Survey for 2014-15 published by the National Society of Accountants (NSA).  The pricing system we utilize mirrors the average fees published in this report as paid to Licensed and Credentialed Practitioners in the New England area of the U.S. who have 20+ years of experience in tax preparation and compliance.  We believe that our fee structure is reasonable based upon the value we provide to all clients due to our superior experience and year-round accessibility. 

The actual fee you will be charged is a function of the complexity of your situation and the volume of documents we have to process.  To remove any doubt about what your actual fee will be, we will provide you with a guaranted fee quote after discussing your needs on the phone before we start working with you.  So, call us at (781)708-6469 to get started.